Future mobility

The way people and goods are transported is changing in a high pace. More and more cars contain functions to support autonomous driving and to communicate with the relevant environment. There is a trend from possession towards usage of cars. Concern for the environment leads to a growing number of electric powered cars.

Great promises lie in these developments. Travel times are reducing and become better predictable. The road infrastructure usage is improving. Pollution by car exhaust is reduced. And last but not least: it’s becoming more save on our roads.

It will take many years before these promises will fully be delivered. The road ahead is however already very interesting and challenging. Car manufacturers are striving to stay in front of these developments. New players arise; will this market also be ‘disrupted’? In the meantime governments are managing all these developments in good directions. That requires not only a lot of coordination, but also large investments.

Aid the Eye has a lot of relevant knowledge in this area and has a vision where it all leads to. The background in ICT and the automotive industry proves to be helpful.

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