Automotive EDI

Aid the Eye has a lot of experience in the set-up, creation,  maintenance and support of ICT systems in the automotive industry. Companies use these in their mutual transactions. Systems like these prove enhance efficiency and quality and lower costs.

Examples are parts ordering systems, a system to handle body repairs on lease cars and a system for maintenance, repair and tyre transactions on lease cars between car leasing companies and their suppliers in this area (ROB-Net).

ROB-Net in particular is a great success. Multiple technical generations lead to a more than 25 year existence. Almost 60 car lease companies (with even more labels) and 5.000 suppliers make use of it. The database consists more than 600.000 vehicles. Yearly the  system supports the handling of more than 2,5 miljoen transactions, from request through approval and changes if necessary to invoices.

A system like ROB-Net makes clear that preferably there should be both a user friendly human interface as well as interfaces with propietary ICT systems from users (EDI). Large users with lots of transactions experience efficiency gains from having an interface, since double data entrance is avoided. For smaller users this advantage is less present, it may even not balance the additional costs of an interface.

Setting up industry ICT systems like these requires knowledge, tact and perseverance. Parties with partly opposite interests have to meet. Analysis of mutual processes has to make clear that there are enough uniform structures to develop systems to support transactions, with win-win results for the participants.

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