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What’s in the name Aid the Eye?
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The begin is clear: Aid the Eye aims at help, support, assistance. Aid the Eye wants to consult and assist organisations and groups of companies. The specialisation area involves processes between organisations. Where in the last century much attention has been given to optimize processes within organisations, there is still a lot to gain in processes between organisations. The emphasis lies in the processes and transactions that are often repeated and where rather constant data sets are used by the involved parties. Aid the Eye wants to assist in the vision development, the set-up and implementation of (ICT) projects and the set-up and support of  controlling organisations.
… the Eye
Helping the eye is vision developing. Organisations often experience difficulties in visualizing optimal processes with other organisations, to establish goals and to set-up and realize projects. Aid the Eye likes to support in these areas. Also ‘eye’ refers to the eye of the hurricane; the centre. Where process optimization in between organisations is involved a company alone is seldom able to realize the necessary steps. Collaboration with other involved parties mostly is necessary. Sometimes an industry organisation can play a supporting role in this. Sometimes it is concluded to establish a new coordinating and neutral organisation. A hurricane is hectic when you are outside the eye. Although organisations often have the required capabilities to fulfil projects like these, time is not always available. Aid the Eye can add extra capacity to ensure that projects continu and come to a successful end.
Aid the Eye
Is phonetic pronounced almost the same as EDI, when spoke half in Dutch half in English. EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is the term used for decades for the structured exchange of data / messages between organi­sations. Just like the phonetic pronounce quiver is the character of many EDI projects. First people are convinced of the importance and the advantages, but then it is allowed to slow down of even end the project due to problems with standardization or technical realization or competitive sensitivities. Aid the Eye assists in keeping a clear vision, enhancing the chance that the project will succeed.

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